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My new blog Chicago Adventures, on, is all about helping you start your Chicago Adventure as smoothly as possible! Check out my tips for Chicago tourists, free-stuff-buffs, and CTA-lovers (and haters), and so much more! Stay tuned- because this blog is ever-changing!

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Recent Tips:

Where to Park in Chicago; the easy guide to free parking in Chicago Finding where to park in Chicago is hard to do if you don't know where to look. I've done the whole circling and circling blocks and neighborhoods to find parking near my event and not finding any, and then end up parking so far away the event is almost finished by the time I arrive. (Or I decide not to go because of the parking issue!) But after learning these little tips, I haven't paid for parking since!

 Planning your Chicago Staycation; Exploring Chicago for the First (thousandth) Time Planning your Summer vacation and realize you can't afford it? Don't want to leave the city this summer... or can't? I know how you feel! Check out my new Chicago Adventures post about planning your Chicago Staycation!

What to (???) in Chicago; A 1-2-3 guide to filling that blank in with Chicago's best Tired of trying your hardest to find new things in Chicago, but not really sure how to do it? I'm here to help! I wrote an easy, 3 step guide to finding the best stuff in Chicago- from music to food, cafes to bars, museums to parks. Check it out!

About Chicago; How we know you are a tourist and how to pretend you're not I wrote a new blog post on my blog Chicago Adventures, this time exclusively to you Chicago visitors and newbies! Check out the 5 tips on how to be a true Chicagoan and explore Chicago like a native!

Free Chicago Museum- National Museum of Mexican Art I reviewed the National Museum for Mexican Art on my new blog! When I search for free Chicago museums, I look for a) Interesting Exhibits, b) Accessible Location, c) Beautiful, Well-kept Pieces, and d) Family Friendly. Check out how the NMMA does against these expectations, and explore the museum for yourself off of the CTA's 18th stop of the Pink Line!

Transportation to the Adventure More of the best! I have a new blog via! ChicagoAdventures is a blog exclusively for tips on how to explore Chicago, especially for those of us who are broke. This blog post is about how the CTA can be a Chicagoan's best friend when it comes to finding free food, free music, free art, and free fun in Chicago! Check it out!

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