The Green Line runs almost all day, serving the West and South sides of Chicago. Unfortunately the several gang-dominated neighborhoods and the brokenness of many the areas off of the Green Line cause it to be a Line that many Chicago-ians avoid. Many stops can be potentially dangerous to visit if you don't know what you are doing. Be safe and smart, don't go alone, and plan your visit during the daytime.

Although I am not trying to discourage people from visiting these parts of Chicago (I personally live in a rough area), if you are unsure or concerned, go somewhere else. There are tons to do off of other stops of the "El", and seeing a museum or walking through a park isn't worth risking your life.

If you decide to ride the Green line and visit these areas, don't forget these quick safety tips:

Pack light. Leave your valuables at home. You don't want to attract unwanted attention to yourself and make yourself a target because of your possessions.

Stay alert. If you are listening to music, put only one earbud in. Check your surroundings and make sure you know what's going on around you.

Be calm and confident. Fearful, confused people draw the most attention. Keep your phone on hand just in case of an emergency.

Know where you're going and how to get back. Without a map, know where you're going, how to get there and how to get back to the "El". Pick routes that are well-populated and main streets and public areas. Walking down unfamiliar residential streets is unwise and dangerous. Being confident and knowing where you're going will help you get there quickly and safely.

If you absolutely have to travel in the evening or nighttime, choose a well-lit street to walk down, and call a friend while you walk. Having someone on the line calms jitters and keeps you safer because it alerts those around you that someone knows where you are and is awaiting your arrival.

(South Side)

(East Branch)
COTTAGE GROVE: There are so many things to do off of the Cottage Grove stop of the Green Line, including the campus of the University of Chicago, the Living Room Cafe, The University of Chicago hosts many free events and exhibitions. We Are Chicago is a free exhibition highlighting student contributions to a mix of organizations, social events, arts, drama, athletics, and political activism.
Just north of the University of Chicago is the university's Smart Museum of Art, a beautiful free art museum, .
The Living Room Cafe is one of the services provided by the Inspiration Corporation, providing restaurant-style meals to homeless or poor men, women and families in a therapeutic community that promotes dignity and respect. All of the meals are prepared and served by volunteers.
Jackson Park covers almost 550 acres and has a gymnasium, three multi-purpose rooms, and a fitness center, as well as a Wooded Island, (which include the Japanese styled Osaka Garden), Bobolink Meadows, and a vegetable and flower garden. Outside, the park offers three harbors, 63rd St. Beach, basketball/tennis courts, multi-purpose fields, golf course, golf driving range and an artificial turf field.


(West Branch)
ASHLAND/63RD: This stop is located in the West Englewood/Englewood neighborhood, an area in dire need of improvement. Crime is considered among the highest in the country, and the deteriorating infrastructure and the need for local medical care is evident. 

HALSTED: The Halsted station is on campus of the Kennedy-King College, one of Chicago's many city-colleges that offer diploma and GED programs, as well as Associates and Certificate programs and degrees.

(North to Loop)
Washington Park's Fountain of Time
GARFIELD: The Garfield stop drops you off right in Washington Park. Located in the Washington Park/Woodlawn neighborhood, Washington Park covers almost 370 acres and features two gymnasiums, a photography lab, dance studio, racquetball court, fitness center, game room, and multi-purpose rooms. It also has a nature area, a Harvest Garden and an arboretum. Outside, the park offers a lagoon, aquatic center, three playgrounds, basketball/ tennis courts, baseball, football, soccer, cricket, and softball fields.
On the other side of the park is DuSable Museum of African-American History, free on Sundays and now featuring an exhibit named Journey of Hope in America: Quilts Inspired by President Barack Obama, besides their permanent exhibits. 
A bus ride or a long walk will get you to the Museum of Science and Industry, in Jackson Park.

51ST: 51st street station is located in the Washington Park/Grand Blvd neighborhoods of Chicago. President Barak Obama's former residense is a bus ride away east in the Kenwood neighborhood, a fairly wealthier area known for its large homes. Across the street from his house, is KAM Isaiah Israel, the oldest Jewish congregation in Chicago. The beautiful building was inspired by the Byzantine period of Judaism, and designated a Chicago landmark in 1981.

47TH: The  47th street stop of the Green Line is just west of the Harold Washington Cultural Center, named after the first African-American mayor and is a performance facility located in the same site as a former black theatre. It was the object of some criticism as it was being built, and after many financial hardships and under-usage, it was given to the City Colleges of Chicago to use as a Performing Arts venue for their programs.
Also off of this stop is the Consulate General of Jamaica.


INDIANA: The Indiana stop is a couple blocks south of the South Side Community Art Center.  As the oldest African American Art Center of its kind, it takes pride in its past and present contributions to the development and showcasing of emerging and established artists.

Victory Monument
35TH-BRONZEVILLE-IIT: Off of this stop is the Illinois Institute of Technology, De La Salle Institute, the Board of Education of Chicago, and the Chicago Police Headquarters, all located in the Bronzeville neighborhood.
Victory Monument, located at the intersection of 35th and King Drive,  was built to honor the Eighth Regiment of the Illinois National Guard, an African-American unit that served in France during World War I.

 ROOSEVELT: Roosevelt station of the Green Line is a bus ride from Museum Campus, including the Field Museum of Natural History, the Shedd Aquarium, Adler Planetarium, and Soldier Field.


The Green Line only serves the Adams/Wabash, Madison/Wabash, Randolf/Wabash, State/Lake and Clark/Lake Loop stations.

(West Side)

CLINTON: Just out of the Loop, Clinton station on the Green (and Pink) line is right next to Oglivie Transportation Center that connects the city to its suburbs. Restaurants, boutiques and shops are overflowing from the city into this area.

MORGAN: The Green and Pink Line's NEW STOP, coming soon this year! Stay tuned- so many new places are opening in this area to accommodate the stop, in addition to the attractions that have raised cause to undertake its construction.

ASHLAND: Transfer to the southwest-bound Pink Line at the Ashland stop of the Green Line, in Chicago's Near West Side. Ashland is the closest "El" station to the United Center, home of the Chicago Bulls NBA team and the Chicago Blackhawks NHL team. It is also directly adjacent to Union Park, venue for the Intonation Music Festival and the Pitchfork Music Festival.



CONSERVATORY-CENTRAL PARK DRIVE: This station is located in Garfield Park, near the Garfield Park Conservatory. There are many beautiful sculptures around the unique Garfield Park Field house. The Conservatory always has free admission, and is an that attraction Chicago-ans from all around come to see.

PULASKI: Pulaski stop of the Green Line is located in the West Garfield Park neighborhood of Chicago.



CENTRAL: Central is located in the Austin neighborhood of the West Side.

AUSTIN: The Austin stop of the Green Line is located on the sound end of Austin Park, in the Austin neighborhood of Chicago.

RIDGELAND: Ridgeland station is the begining of the beautiful, historically, culturally, and commercially rich town of Oak Park.

OAK PARK: The Oak Park stop of the Green Line is the closest "El" stop to the Frank Lloyd Wright Home and Studio, located in one of three historic districts of Oak Park. It is specifically found in the Frank Lloyd Wright-Prairie School of Architecture Historic District, which includes 27 Wright-designed structures as well as other historical and architecturally significant buildings.

HARLEM/LAKE: The Harlem/Lake station is located in downtown Oak Park, and home of the Forest Preserve District of Cook County Headquarters. This beautiful "suburb" of Chicago is filled with gorgeous houses with interesting architecture, and lots of shopping and galleries.

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