Your Chicago Worlds

Meet some Chicagoans!

As a art gallery curator, Emily Watson-Rice's favorite thing is working with her clients, who live all over the world.

Kim Bookless, a freelance writer living in the Gold Coast and loving every minute of it!

I'm starting a new segment in my blog called Your Chicago Worlds!

I am trying to find Chicagoans from all sorts of walks of life- from tourists and newbies, to the born-and-raised, we've-been-here-forever, to try and get all sorts of perspectives of Chicago and see the city through their eyes.

My idea is to interview you about your individual "Chicago world", the restaurants, cafes, shops, theaters, pretty much ANYTHING you frequent, and then, if you want, shadow you for a part of your day, to get a feel on your story, your Chicago life, and how you enjoy Chicago. Every Chicagoan has their own little Chicago world, the area within the city they live in where they know the most about.

In my blog, everyone has something to say. I'm trying to find the nooks and crannies that make up our beloved Chicago, and you can help! If you'd like to be interviewed and want me to write about Your Chicago World, email me at

Please help me! Email me asap!

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